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This is a fanfic of the anime "Suisei no Gargantia" which belongs to its respective owners. Contains some DID/Bondage.

The sun that day was shining very brightly on the Gargantia fleet as it was steadily making its way through the waves of the never ending waters of Earth. On one of its multiple decks three young girls were observing the far horizon and the clouds slowly moving through the blue skies.

Amy, Melty and Saya were close friends, all of them worked as messengers, daily traveling through the gigantic grouping of ships and platforms connected to each other.

They already finished their work.

“I’m bored.” Sighted Melty which was the youngest of the trio. “Let’s do something fun.”

“How about we play something, maybe hide-and-seek?” Suggested cheerfully Amy. “We used do that a lot.”

“Oh yes, that was fun, wasn’t it.” Saya smiled pleasantly at the reminiscence.

“No, we have done that plenty of times. I want to try something new, something with a bit more thrill.” She closed her eyes and concentrated trying to come up with a new concept. “Hmm, how about we make it a… pirate-hide-and-seek.”

“That sounds interesting.” Said Amy. “What are the rules?”

“One of us will be the pirate and umm… she will kidnap a… defenseless girl, then hide her somewhere, the deck where we used to play is big enough. The remaining person will have to find the prisoner without also getting caught by the pirate. How does that sound?”

“What will the prisoner role?” Wondered Saya. “Will she only wait for rescue?”

“Umm, no. She will also try to escape as the pirate has imprisoned her.”


“So, this being my idea, I will be the pirate.”

“Hey, no fair. We should play rock-paper-scissors to decided who will be who.” Protested Amy.

“Denied, I came up with it so I decide. Amy will be the prisoner, while Saya will try to rescue her.” Said Melty firmly leaving no place for any debate. Both of the girls had mixed expressions, while Amy was obviously unhappy, Saya looked content with the role of the ‘rescuer’.

“Fine, but next time it’s rock-paper-scissors.”

“Okay, so it’s decided.” The ‘pirate’ grabbed her ‘prisoners’ hand and started hauling her unceremoniously away. “Saya, count to three hundred and then you can start looking for Amy, remember that I will be also looking for you.”


The ever present rust was a dull reminder that, even thought Gargantia was able to withstand the merciless nature of the ocean, it would one day be consumed by the salty air. The question was not if, but when.

Amy was letting herself be lead by Melty deeper below deck. Amy knew the layout of all those bulkheads and corridors as they used to play here when they were younger. It was a place rarely visited by other residents of the fleet, unless there was something broken and had to be fixed down here.

“Oh rats, I forgot.” Uttered Melty who apparently remembered something important.

“What’s the matter?”

“Ah, never mind. Hey, who gave you permission to talk prisoner? Be quite and move.”

Both of them rounded another corner in the empty corridor then entered into one of the numerous compartments. It wasn’t very difficult for Melty to sought out the light switch which was hidden by the darkness. The light somehow still worked.

“Ha, I knew this was the place.” They found themselves in a large maintenance closet with different items hanging on the walls and in the lockers, ranging from large wrenches and ending on small nondescript boxes.

“Amy, you have your swimsuit underneath, right? Take off your clothes.”

“What, why?”

“Because I said so and I’m the pirate who kidnapped you, now do it.”

Again, the other girl wasn’t too happy about her role but obeyed. Amy unfastened the leather belt and let her skirt fall to the dirty floor, revealing the red lower half of the skimpy string bikini she was wearing. She then took of the jacket and the brown half shirt, exposing the second part of her red bathing suit. Amy’s light tan looked even darker then it was supposed to in the weak light of the small compartment.

“Ready, what now?”

Melty smiled crookedly.


After finally reaching three hundred – Saya would never cheat when playing with her friends – she started heading down the stairs to where the ‘pirate’ and Amy must have went.

When she reach the right deck she slowed down and started carefully making her way forward, often hiding in the shadows and behind corners, Saya knew how the game was played. The trap may have been set anywhere, Melty most probably waited in one of the rooms hoping on a chance to jump her victim when the other opened the door. If only Saya could locate the ‘pirate’ without revealing her own presence then she would be able to make an approximate guess as to Amy’s location, it was highly unlikely that Melty would leave her in a place where she couldn’t keep an eye on her ‘prisoner’.

Another few meters of sneaking along the walls brought her to an intersection, before Saya could peak behind the corner a sound of someone slowly walking caught her full attention. She quietly retreated into the nearest shadow.

After a moment the small figure which belong to Melty came into view, she only looked briefly around and headed further down the passage, apparently oblivious to the idea that someone could be hiding nearby.

Saya was a bit surprised, the last thing she expected was that the ‘pirate’ would be openly patrolling the area in search of her, unless this was done deliberately in an attempt to lure the unexpected ‘rescuer’ into a trap.

After making certain that she was alone, Saya headed into the direction from which Melty came.

This is fun.


When Amy heard what her role was supposed to be as a ‘prisoner’ she didn’t expect to actually be bound. Unfortunately for her Melty took this whole pirate-hide-and-seek way too seriously.

She tried to move again only for the pain to anew shoot through her body. It made her want to whimper but – again – could not, as the ability to do so was taken away from her along with the ability to see. The only thing Amy could do was to listen and hope that Saya would find her fast, or that the game would end with her ‘rescuers’ capture.

As soon as that thought passed a quite, almost inaudible sound could have been heard from somewhere beyond the locked door of the room.

Whoever it may have been, he was getting closer.


Saya was starting to worry if she might have already passed the spot Amy was hidden, it’s not like there would be some obvious clue that could tell her of that. Imagine her surprise – not the first one today – when she noticed a brown piece of fabric on the floor. It could have been ordinary garbage, many of such discarded items littered the floor around such rarely visited parts of Gargantia, but in this case she recognized it.

At this moment Amy’s half shirt was resting in Saya’s hand, which brought up some pretty interesting questions as to why it was located here and not on its owner. Either way this was an obvious indication that her imprisoned friend was nearby.

Too obvious.

In the immediate vicinity there were a few doors , the nearest of them was slightly opened.

She approached it carefully, taking great care not to stumble into something, the only thing sure was that Melty wasn’t the one hiding inside.

Somehow that didn’t lessen the thrill which was running through Saya’s body like electricity.

A slight pressure on the door made it open without any resistance. The inside was pitch black, the amount of light that was able to get through the slightly opened door was inadequate to illuminate anything to an extent for it to be recognizable.

Saya decided to find the light switch, then turned it on.

By the look of it the room must have been chosen for storing maintenance equipment. Everything in it was ordinary enough… besides the red jacket and skirt lying on the floor.

Why did Melty stripped Amy to her underwear? Saya was so transfixed on the question she unconsciously opened the door wider, enough for it to tip the specially prepared tool box which was hidden behind it.

The resounding crash of multiple falling wrenches in the silent corridor was like thunder from the clear blue sky, deafening and hear stopping at the same time.

It was a trap.

Saya frantically started looking around expecting Melty to be right behind her but fortunately that wasn’t the case, yet. After making a few steps in an attempt to run she realized that, by now, Melty could come from any direction.

Was this a trap within a trap, make her run straight into the ‘pirates’ arms? What now? Hide.

The door she chose wasn’t far from the maintenance room but it would be as good as any other, after entering into the dark compartment Saya immediately closed the door, then listened intently not daring to switch the light on.

“Mmmmm.” The muffled sound which came for behind was so totally unexpected it almost made Saya yelp. Before she could bolt outside a thought crossed her mind. Amy? Ignoring the earlier precaution she used the switch that drove away the darkness.

What Saya saw next arrested her breath.

In the middle of the empty compartment and hanging half a meter above the floor was Amy. Melty somehow came up with the idea to used a chain – she must have found in the maintenance room – to bind Amy’s hands and torso, then use the said chain to suspend the scarcely clad girl from the pipes on the ceiling. The ‘prisoners’ mouth and eyes were covered by some old white rags, something else Melty must have found down here, as Saya doubted she was able to prepare beforehand.

It was a truly suffocation sight. As she approached the hanging body it became clear that the rusty steel was very rough to the touch, not to mention that Amy’s weight was putting additional pressure on the bindings.

“Mmmmm?” Amy mound, not being able to see she could only hear someone entering the room. Someone that wasn’t responding to her pleas for help.

Saya studied Amy and her restraints. There were at least three padlocks keeping the whole thing in place, nice and tight. She wondered if this counted as cheating on Melty’s part, there was no way for the ‘rescuer’ to fulfill her objective as long as she didn’t have to keys to the padlocks.

Slowly – as Saya was watching and contemplating her friends inescapable peril – a warm feeling was spreading through the pit of her stomach.

It’s beautiful.


It actually took Melty slightly longer to reach the maintenance room as dashing in the badly lit passageways wasn’t very wise. Upon arrival there was no sign of Saya, as one would expect.

It was just as she hoped.

Melty quickly started inspecting the nearest doors while trying not to be too loud. The first few still had a single hair – hers – stuck between them, it was a simple method to determine if someone opened them since she left. Upon full evaluation of all the doors she managed to ‘rig’, in the short amount of time she had, only one was missing the hair.

Talk about dumb luck Saya, not that it will help you now.


I wonder if Melty even realizes how painful even the slightest movement must be for Amy, those chains biting into her delicate skin, the visible red marks they will leave…

The creaking sound of the door opening behind her could only mean one thing. As soon as Saya turned around something was flying her way, instinctively she brought her hands up, she was a heartbeat too late.

As it proved that something, which was now covering her face, was an ordinary sheet.

Unfortunately for her Melty’s distraction gave the other girl enough time to close the distance between them, she embraced Saya before the other had time to clear the obstruction from her eyes.

“Got you!” Beamed Melty who look like she didn’t intend to let go of her price any time soon.

When Saya finally removed the sheet she was a bit flushed, her breathing faster. “Yes, you got me.” She then unexpectedly kneeled. ”I submit to the ‘pirate’ who captured me, please have mercy on me.”

Seeing that apparently Saya wanted to continue the game Melty shook her head. “No, for wannabe heroes I have a special punishment.” She smiled crookedly.
This is a fanfic of the anime "Suisei no Gargantia" which belongs to its respective owners. Contains some DID/Bondage.
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qq88qq88qq88 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Now this is an anime I didn't expect fanfics of, but seeing them here instantly caught my attention!
Solid work too,
Definitely a great way to spice up hide and seek ;-)
DirkJAG Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2015
While Gargantia isn't mainstream, it also isn't an obscure title. It's just somewhere in the middle. It's not that strange considering there are fanfics of some really obscure stuff floating around out there.

I generally prefer 'mid-range' titles, such as, for example:
- Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari
- Space Battleship Yamato 2199
I still need to write those.
DoctorAnsem Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
You work fast.
DirkJAG Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
It took me two weeks to write this - I consider that time frame as 'express' - but I don't think you're talking "fast" in that context. Right?
DoctorAnsem Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Exactly. It's more like "anime's not over, someone already wrote a story?".

BTW, when can we expect part 2? >_>
DirkJAG Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
No part 2, I just made the ending open-ended. Sorry.
LordAtomosk Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
A well laid trap
shadow785 Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
With a friend like melty who needs enemies.
jjavangard Featured By Owner May 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice story. It's always good to see you post something.

I must say, your tweak on hide and seek is pretty creative.
DirkJAG Featured By Owner May 27, 2013
Thanks, we strive to please.

Although I have to admit to having an extensive experience in this type of game and it's derivatives. It may have been more then a decade ago but I still remember situations which, while not as elaborate as this one, were just as crazy and hectic, especially when 20+ people participated.

Ah, the good old days... I think this is what you call nostalgia.
jjavangard Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds like you had an awesome childhood.
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